I am focused and goal-oriented with authentic enthusiasm and a problem-solving core philosophy. My project management valuation has been positive. I strive to be proficient in my efforts of analytical approaches combining researched, data-driven insights and effective intuitive judgment. I am proactive, flexible and creative in my drive to act quickly in order to evolve scalable solutions. My innovative approaches and performance and diverse executive management experience is well evidenced in the global, genre-specific entertainment and tourism industries (field & lab parapsychological and metaphysical) that continue to flourish today. Both industries launched initially on a foundation of original endeavors and content with experimental and experiential events. I have supported all with artful branding through copywriting and graphic design, promotional marketing and hands-on approaches with versatile instruction. I have provided articulate and engaging external communications with curious media representatives worldwide as well as with consumers and team participants. My work resulted in cross-culturally optimized, motivational publicity campaigns throughout digital and physical platforms.  

And, maintaining a good sense of humor has enabled me to keep it all fresh and fun. 


· Creation and execution of marketing plans for products and services

· Conducting research and distilling data and analytics, translating insights to the prioritized execution of more productive tactics to drive awareness, entice consumer's journey and sharpen marketing strategies

· Ideation and deployment of targeted, consumer aligned marketing campaigns

· Single and Multi Media Presentation Development

· Social media

· Drive various organic and paid acquisition channels including:

  •  Budget development and implementation
  •  Campaign performance analysis
  •  Content creation
  •  Content curation
  •  Copywriting
  •  Development of key internal relationships and external industry   partnerships
  •  Event management
  •  Lead generation and pay per click campaigns
  •  Publicity